OZ Info #6


Painting - Traditional Art


Ochre's body - bark - sand - canvas painting

Aboriginal artists traditionally used many different materials and techniques to produce a variety of painted surfaces from ochre body designs or ochre paintings on bark to sand paintings. Contemporary artists may still use ochre's but they also employ a range of non-traditional materials such as canvas or paper and acrylic paints or binders. These materials have allowed a far greater variety of colors to be used - resulting in the brilliantly colored images often seen in contemporary Aboriginal art.

The artists never knew fonts like we have. Due to that reason, illustrated art was their way of adding better expression to reported memories, stories of groups and religious traditions. They painted on cave walls, rocks, trees - explicate by using Ochre's. In the southern North Territories they mainly used DOT Painting ( Dots and lines ). The X-ray style is used in the Arnhemland and the Kakadu NP. Figures are then found in the Southeast & the Kimberley Region (i.e.: the Wandjina Ghosts or Handprints).



DOT Paint - Figures - Handprints