Sydney - Albury

#9 Main Diary


Canberra - Albury

 07.01.07 - 07.01..07


On 7th we headed on from Canberra to Albury - turned out being a big mistake to plan a stopover there! But going for another 12 hour bus trip wasn't really what we were looking for ... the time from Canberra to Melbourne. So we thought ... let's have a stop in Albury! It was a minute decision and surely we didn't gather information before stopping there.

When we left the bus and discovered being the only ones, we had our doubts .. hmmmm, strange?! XX!? Soon we realized why ... there is really NOTHING to do here! ..No culture, No Nothing! There is a main road, a Disco (.. at least something) a cinema, a Supermarket AND 'NO HOSTEL'! What??? The first city without a hostel, .. didn't think this to be real in OZ?! .. you can only stand this with a laugh! .. we  had to laugh at our self! ,.. real 'Heros', aren't we? ... what so ever, we are in Albery!  

At least we found a cheep stay for a one night .. O.K. ..not the best, but cheep! Our 'internal clock' by now was spoiled and due to that we couldn't sleep this night ... one more night! .. never mind, .. everything will be better in Melbourne and tomorrow we shall move there!


Sydney - Canberra

 04.01.07 - 06.01.07


Finally we are leaving Sydney! Besides the beautiful time we spent, we were looking forward to move on - to Melbourne! Leaving the East coast behind, .. we couldn't stand it any longer. Simply because of all the villages and cities being full of tourists and Backpackers, which most are there to celebrate ( ... parties every night ). .. sure, for a few weeks this is fun, no problem, not annoying at all and we did the same. But after doing so for some time, we had enough from that and decided to escape from Australian 'Ballerman', what I lately called the East Coast, and off to the converse .. to Melbourne .. a good feeling!

9:00 A.M. our bus left to Canberra. capital of Australia. Sure this has to be visited ... just arrived, booked a hostel and soon discovered that now we are, where we wanted to be ... not much to do! A beautiful but very quiet city - big contrast to Sydney! You can visit museums and historical things, .. lot's of culture. Basically not bad, if there wouldn't have been the weather ... 35-40 Degree Celsius! We couldn't force ourselves for some activity and as we haven't planned a stay at all ( .. just didn't get a direct bus to Melbourne ) , we only killed time, ... hmmm!

On top we had chosen a lousy hostel, just on top of a PUB - super loud, no air condition and not at all clean. This was topped a little later, when we realized lots of cars driving up and down the road in front of the hostel ... we have just made it to a MOTO Rally ... thousands of cars passing all night long and the crowd roaring .. no way to sleep! .. we took it with humor, when we found ourselves still awake at 5:00 A.M. in the morning.  =) .. in Melbourne everything will be better!!


Sydney - New Year Days

 01.01.07 - 03.01.07

New Years Eve passed successful, perfect party, still alive... but 'knackered'! Sydney at New Years Eve is partly terrific but stresses on the other hand .. pretty hectic! But now our aim was calming down and relax.  =) The next days we spent at the house of Choua, Elly and their daughter Madisson - some times Christmas and birthday fall same day ... we felt that way! We enjoyed not staying in a hostel, having our own room, a soft bed and the warm feeling of a family.

.. thanks Elly , Choua & Madisson, ... we love you!

One evening we were even granted Choua's car (.. a brandnew BMW, .. what else!). Off we go to Sydney, meeting friends and visiting a cinema. This trip was 'Nuts'!  ..... All the cars drove on the wrong side of the road - 'Ghost Drivers' we call them in Europe! First we didn't want to support that and do the same, but finally joined the 'Ghost riders' and look, .. it worked! Don't worry, .. we survived, besides having lost the way several times ... was lots of fun!