Surfers Paradise - Sydney

#8 Main Diary


Surfers Paradise - Sydney

 28.12.06 - 31.12.06

Departure to Sydney, aaaahhhh! a 14 hours bus trip .. surely we will die! On top our first bus ride without our swedish high quality pillows ... my god??

At 7:15 A.M. first we drove to Byron Bay and from there at 23:00 hours we headed off to Sydney! As usual the trip was horrible ... uncomfortable, annoying, ... we were soooo tired and still couldn't make it to sleep! Our 'butt' and the legs consistently 'fell asleep' ... but we wouldn't make it  .. a torture!! 

Bele even lovingly offered herself as a cushion, ... still didn't work out! Thanks god we finally arrived in Sydney at 13:00 hours.

Elly and Choua immediate picked us up ... we duly arrived at their place! They live a little outside of Sydney .. a 40 minutes drive .. which isn't a problem at all, as there is easy bus and train shuttle to get downtown at any time! 

Wooww, ... arrived, a huge bed for Bele & myself .. like in a hotel. We just hang around in the bed for the first 5 hours .. what a pleasure! Evenings they prepared BBQ and after we went to town .. sure, we will have to visit the places, where we first met our knorken Swedes and refresh the memories .. was a strange feeling , but good! After we hang around till 5:40 A.M. till we had a train back to or home.

Same next day .. going town down to meet our friends from Surfers Paradise . They all came to Sydney fro New Years celebration. Was a good feeling to meet all of them.

Finally it was 'New Year Eve' .. a real stress day! We started with our New Year Calls - Dull Ambience - .. let's wind up and have a shower and head off to the Bridge! Arrived there we first had to buy alcohol and crackers .. all the others had arrived long back! The spaces around Opera House were divided in 'Areas' with limited amount of people allowed in each. The usual .. we were too late and even didn't have Tickets .. where from? .. shit!.. we wanted to celebrate with our friends! .. so we started to drink a little and our Champagne was 'evaporated' long before midnight as it was forbidden to have glasses and even alcohol inside the Area's. Just in case .. we had our VODKA refilled in a Water Bottle.

After we finally managed to figure out where our friends where, we really had luck! Finally it was getting 22:00 hours and they were serious having only people with tickets inside the areas ... as mentioned before, we didn't have one. we started asking other people for spare tickets and even were given 2 tickets by some people we have never met before!

Happy and proud we passed the queues of people lining up at the gates for a late  entry. Jaehhhh, finally we made it and even found our friends in a park with  perfect view onto the bridge!            
There was not very much more then drinking all the time  ( .. Bele and myself didn't miss out .. take this granted !!) and waiting for the fireworks, which on schedule started at 12:00 sharp .. enormous,... There were 3 fireworks, .. left and right from the bridge and the famous one on the bridge! Alternately they were fired along with big bangs  .. the center one was unbelievable! Fascinating seeing this in LIVE!

Shortly after midnight, we moved back home .. the Clubs in Sydney were all piled up to the ceiling and entrance fees of 100,-$ were really not attractive for Backpackers like Bele & myself!=)

Still was fine with us .. we were exhausted from the drinks and hanging around ... ready for going home! Off to the train and home.

At Ellies & Choua's place we could really recover - our beautiful, big and cuddly  bed - currently we are living better then in any hotel before and even aren't asked money for that, .. this is like Christmas and Birthday 'IN ONE'. =)=)

Finally we are in 2007 ... Happy New Year!! Happy New Year Mates!