Byron Bay - Surfers Paradise

#7 Main Diary


Byron Bay - Surfers Paradise

 07.12.06 - 27.12.06

Back again to Surfers and back to the Trekkers ... our well known hostel!

They were very happy having us back and we started feeling better. Still funny, here in OZ going to place twice.

The bus trip was only 1 1/2 hours and just passed on the fly. Lenni and myself had planned to look for a job immediate after arrival .. we are running out of money - simple like that! ....we have already enjoyed OZ for 2 month, never thinking of making money in between!

Seeking a job also wasn't simple .... we were still very sad about Calle's and Davids leave .. eating sweeties all day long!

Poor Lenni, .. he was speechless! Traveling with two girls dieing of heard sickness! It's different without the real 'HOOD' - not like before. By the way, .. what are we doing in OZ? we could also travel Sweden, ... couldn't we?    =)

10.12. - the Swedes have finally left!

Off we go and seeking a job. First Coffee Shop / restaurant ,.. Lenni & me will have to show up at 18:00 hours and Bele next morning!

Worked out fine but was'nt very much exciting, as I only had to guide people to their tables .. hmmm. For Bele things worked out better and she was supposed to start serving next morning ... 'O.K. we will call you' , we always need young people & urgently need someone! Cool we thought!... and it was the last we heard from the owner ... he never called us!  ... so what! As we were already warned of similar behavior, we started looking for another job shortly after!

We moved on to the nightclubs and handed over our resumes, .. with Lenni and  Ellie - a very nice Swedish girl - .. the replies: we urgently need people, we will call, etc..... exhausted , but still we tried one more Night Club .. 'The Bedroom' !!

.. we entered, gave our resumes, .. we will call you in 15 minutes, if we need someone, etc.... Yes, yes, we thought!

15 minutes later we received the call and had the job! 9:30 we should start .. in 45 minutes and the onlly thing missing are black shoes! Ellie & me had shoes and only needed to get some for Bele. On the way there we joked, if we will have to wear Hot Pants & similar stuff! Arrived we were immediate presented 'Hot Pents', 'Fish Net Stockings' and a 'Corsage' ... OOps! .. So what , we thought .. we need the money and all the other girls wear this stuff! First night we worked till 5:30 A.M. , dead but happy ... finally we had a job! .. Yeaahh!!           

The first week started ... starting at 23:00, home at 6:30 .. when other get out from house, ... sleeping till 14:00 ... we still had to live a little .. at least hanging around!  

After first week Bele was not required to work any longer. They found some reasons to make her leave. This is also part of OZ! She tried to find another job but without success! Sunday evening I was off and on 18.12 was Bele's birthday!.. and what a surprise, .. same day Christmas party in the 'Shooters' which every backpacker from the hostel attended! . .we did the same! After some time, going out having some drinks and fun again .... without the Swedes..?? Hmmm?

Still was a perfect evening and we celebrated Bele's birthday. Next morning we bought a nice cake with candles and presented a nice a birthday song.

Lenni and me also paid the entrance to ' Wet n'Wild ' a water park with slides, similar to 'Wild Wadi' in Dubai! For Bele it wasn't a real birthday, same like being on the pool with 35 Grad air temperature!.. can'y get everything at once!

Wednesday & Thursday I was off and on 21st we we visited Wet n'Wild. Elle, Bele, Lenni, Pieter, Johannes and me! Close to a perfect day! Lots of slides! Only problem was, that we had to line up 30 minutes for an average 15 sec ride!

The 2 days off, we only relaxed .. I was pretty exhausted!                
22.12. - Bithday wishes to Sweden .. Calles day and we celebrated with a drink in OZ .. later on I had to work! Next was German Christmas on 24th! I only woke up at 15:00 P.M. and almost forgot that it is Christmas .. no wonder , middle in the summer!

Nothing else important happened this day ... Marry Christmas my friends .. lenni & Bele! Here, Christmas is not the same as in Germany. People go out and drink, .. that's it!

Later in the evening I had to work and after I will call to sweden to wish marry Christmas. Next highlight ... WHAT? Another Christmas .... in Down Under !?!?     
Early morning in the hostel I only wanted coffee, ending up with 'buzz' in there.

Well, .. so I do not have to go to bed any longer .. lets celebrate! St. Claus will come at 10:00 A.M. and he did in stile .. in a Cadillac (.. check out the pics in our  gallery)! .. all softies woke up and the party was on! we had 'Wichteled' ( everyone buys a present for anonym, so everyone will also receive a present .. the usual (... Condoms, condoms, condoms and ????). Next step was a good dinner with buzz ( .. what else ) .. a typical Christmas here in Aussie Land! Think we were good Aussies during these days!

As the manager at lunchtime already was so drunk, that he had to be backed off (.. after some strange behavior ) .. so the party stopped .. good for me - I was flat by that time! 19:00 P.M. finally I ended up in bed and slept 15 hours .. this was good!!

Then our days in the Trakkers were courted! I stopped working and 28th we will move to Sydney to attend the world famous New Years Celebration! Still, .. leaving the hostel after 3 weeks stay did heart! That's the way .. bye, bye Surfers Paradise!

27.12 - Shortly before leaving there was another shock! Bele's Australian girl friend informed us, that we can't stay with here over New Year .. perfect! There is no way to book a bed during these days in Sydney! Pretty desperate and again we were down .. staying on a bench in the park over New Year? .. a nightmare!

Thanks god there was a last minute surprise! Chua, managing director of Fast Lane Australia (.. the company my father works for in Dubai ) invited us to stay in his house. The way he and his pretty wife Ellie treated us was heart-warming!    
The days in Sydney were perfect and thanks to Ellie and Choua made 2006 end with good memory and 2007 kick off the same!