Surfers Paradise - Byron Bay

#6 Main Diary


Surfers Paradise - Byron Bay

 27.11.06 - 06.12.06

Enough time spent in 'Surfers', lets move to Byron Bay .. the next Surfer Village. Only 2.0 hours in the bus, changing time zone, as we left Queensland and entered New South Wales .. only 1.0 hour difference!

So, .. once more arrived in a village without a plan. Besides having done a  booking before, nobody had shown up and picked us from the bus station. No idea of the hostels location, we had booked ... I thought you know! ... no, I wasn't there when you discussed??! Sure you were there, ... no I wasn't,.. bla, bla, ... !

Bele, .. do you remember the name? .. no I didn't listen, .. thought you remember! ... the usual!!! First we had to check with the hostel in Surfers, where we booked the next one, 'Zack', .. we had the name and could ask for! .. wasn't too far and called the 'Main Beach Hostel' .. good name but the service and rooms can't keep up with the name ... shit!

Byron Bay currently is full with 'schoolies' and hardly any hostel has vacant rooms. As everyone depends on a bed, this prices were accordingly .. 24$ for a 16 bed dorm.. no A/C or even a fan .. imagine the air and smell in the room ... and even wasn't clean at all! After 2 nights we found another stay for same price but only 5 of us in a room .. a big difference in service and hospitality.       

The only 'Hack' .. next room was booked with 20 schoolies, who celebrated till 4:00 A.M. every night! The music was too loud and we tried to catch some rest with continues Techno Beat in our ears .... might have worked, if the music would have been good. At least the boys had fun observing the girls on the pool .... in their cute bikinis :) !!

In Byron Bay we also grouped with he rest of our Backpackers family! f... Sebastian & Philipp! We spent most of the time in their hostel .. drinking, going out and talking .. was super! The weather wasn't perfect at all, still we went for surfing once and it didn't really workout .. problem were the waves, the board, the wind, ... whatever you imagine, .. surely wasn't us! Never the less, .. was lots of fun!           

Now the best of Byron Bay: we all got sick! Calle started, then it was my turn, Lenni followed next and Belle showed consistency and friendship! At the very last David was so bad one morning, that he even had to consult a doctor .. he hardly could breath! A ban to get on the bus and travel to Sydney was the outcome of the visit ... the swedes were supposed to return to sweden, using a flight on 10th of the month. Due to that we decided to split and Bele staying with David in Byron Bay till Friday the 8th. Lenni and myself will travel back to 'Surfers' on Thursday morning .. now we will have to look for some work!

Yes, .. St. Nicolas day was very sorry and depressing! .. Calle has left at 23:00 P.M. and the leave was similar to a soap movie .. real dramatic!! It was so sad ...  we had spent 2 month traveling, dreaming, singing, just enjoying life .... it melts people .. and not only that!!!

The days passed, ... not the same as before! .. the 'Hood' had left .. I'm very,  very, very sad!! Next day we went back to Surfers Paradise .. Lenni and ME!!