Hervey Bay - Surfers Paradise

#5 Main Diary



Brisbane - Surfers Paradise

 22.11.06 - 26.11.06

Heading on to Surfers Paradise, jaeh - sounds good, doesn't it? Around 10:30 we took a grayhound bus towards Goldcoast. Nothing much to say about the bus trip - the usual - boring but made easy because of our 'Swedish pillows'! 

Arrived in Surfers Paradise, we first booked a hostel in one of the transit centers The 'Trekkers' .. a perfect hostel, besides the first nights were a little strange .. small and cozy, .. similar to the hostel in mission Beach. Immediate we felt at home! 

And all the staff working there, .. very nice .. where else you will be welcomed with a cup of coffee, which is free all over the day .. a dream for coffee Junkies like Bele & myself! AND , .. breakfast free as well, .. whoouu..! We enjoyed the pool and the sun. Next day we first went to the beach ... the pure madness!

The boys immediate realized, where the beaches name came from ... lots of beautiful girls exposing their brown and shiny bodies to the sun! Besides that, there was a real nice beach as well and very big waves, .. difficult to make it into the water .. imagine, it was allowed to swim there - not very common in Australia!.. as bigger was the fun, once we first made it into the waves ... the weather .. 35 - 40 degrees, perfect!
This is how we spent the day and in the evening we listened as usual to Calle's  guitar, along with the hostels manager ( ... who is gay and a gifted singer ), who entertained us till late into the night. All were there, even Vicky and the 'Knackered' .. not be to understood, but had to be mentioned here! 

On Saturday the 25th the "Backpackers Big Night out" started. This means, that everyone will deposit 25 $ and then the horde will tingle through some Pubs, where you are granted free entrance and a free drink! Sure, we were there and had to do this ... at least we also received the famous 'Flashing Glas' .. this on its own, was worth the Party! Later in the night we were picked by a bus, who had already another 30 -40 singing maniacs collected! Was a nice evening .. but little stressy! .. you just stay an average of 1 hour in a club and then move n to the next one. At the very end you can still return to the club, you most enjoyed, but first you have to follow the horde, to check out all the clubs and choose your favorite one! Bele and David left the party pretty early and shortly after Calle and myself also left.

'Surfers' is a very beautiful place - similar to Miami, .. no idea, ..I have never been there - but this is the way I would expect it! The city is clean, people are friendly and lots of young good looking freaks! We loved it!

Well, almost forgot, .. the boys were also surfing or at least tried to do so! As the waves were very high, they hardly made it onto the board! They were a little disappointed ... but this is life! .... surfing isn't easy!


Hervey Bay - Brisbane

 19.11.06 - 21.11.06

And on we go from Hervey Bay to Brisbane. Nice hostel, 4 bedroom - ideal! Lucky enough, as there currently is a big cricket tournament in Brisbane and everything is fully booked. . was ... as usual we didn't call ahead and just live for next day .. a dream!

In Brisbane we run the usual program .. sightseeing, shopping food and enjoying the perfect weather. Love at first sight ... we liked Brisbane immediate, the first  big city after a few weeks of silence and relaxation!

A little excitement next day, ... our korken sweds are trying to extend their tickets. Waiting, waiting, ... but it paid back and probably destiny was on our side ... they are staying up to 10th December .. Yuhuuuu!!! ... relaxed and happy we started the day! Immediate we went town down to release the pressure and just being happy!

First we booked a trip to the Australian Zoo .. almost half the price as we were offered in our hostel, which for sure is the cheapest place in town!! Hmnmnnn ? It is always good to get a second opinion ( .. sounds like our parents?!).

Back to the hostel .. a surprise! .. the Jamaican from Airlie Beach, who surprised us with his early morning call, ... no way!!! Thanks good, he only booked a bus ticket, ... puuuuh!

Evenings we went to a cinema .. 'SAW 3' .. don't go there, .. most of the time I had my T-shirt pulled in front of my eyes .... Calle fell asleep!?? ... ?? the sweds??Still we had lots of discussions on the way back and early went to bed, as we had to get up early .. Australian Zoo!

We took the train to Sunshine Coast .. 11/2 hours ride, not without having missed the first train, as we didn't 'check' the railway system as early in the morning! In BEERWAH arrived, we were picked by the ZOO Bus from the railway station .. good service! Everything is open air and you just do not have the feeling being in a zoo. We saw a live show with crocodiles, snakes and birds but we expected more excitement, due to the shows having seen on TV before .. more spectacular!Everywhere in the zoo you will be reminded on Steve Irwin ... memory signs, Videos, etc... a little strange walking his zoo knowing, that he had just recently died under these strange circumstances?!

But it was a nice day, .. crawling Koala's, feeding kangaroos and all the nice animals around .. another perfect day! As it was very hot all day long, we were pretty exhausted back home. Still we went out for a Bowling session, to make it an even better day! Early to bed --> .. we had to get up early next day and move on to Sufrers Paradise!