Fraser Island - Surfers Paradise

#4 Main Diary



Fraser Island - Surfers Paradise

 16.11.06 - 18.11.06

Yesterday we had started our trip to Harvey Bay – this time the bus trip wasn’t long & bad at all. Arrived at the hostel ‘Beaches’ , where we received free accommodation for 2 nights, as we had booked the Fraser Island trip with them. As the hostel was pretty far outside of the village, there were activities and even shopping ( food ) required sorrow planning. Strange weather, … cold, cloudy and in the evening even stormy. Never mind, … tomorrow morning we will travel to Fraser Island, expected to be the weeks highlight! .... early departure a must!

Thursday morning 06:30 A.M. we met in front of the hostel and received instructions of what to do and what to leave… directives of behavior on the island! were also provided, before the cars were handed over

We were split into 3 groups – 3 cars – 11 persons each car. As we were a group of 7 , we were added another 3 funny dutch girls and 1 ‘funny’ german ..... whatever you call funny in Germany. Andi, 28 years of age, had finished his last study semester in Brisbane and exposed himself as a little too serious for our group. BUT, .. he was the only one allowed to drive a car, which is prohibited less then 21 years of age. He always advised what to do, when to do and if it should  be done at all!

But, how he could control 10 maniacs, which just have reached the best years of live? .. ready for anything … he couldn’t and turned himself into a constant fun source …. even not realizing & knowing about! .. we had lots to laugh with him!

Bele and myself were elected to buy the food for the group and we had 40 minutes in the local supermarket, to cater for 11 people and over 3 days of stay. We somehow managed! The others in the meanwhile received latest updates, packed the camping gear and finally we left towards Fraser Island .. along with a few other cars, which were supposed to go on the same trip!

Well, ..Andi took the opportunity and drove ( guided ) us the first day. First we stopped at a sweet water lake – lovely view over the area – and later on headed on to our camp … driving along the beach… gorgeous!

Over the days we always had to return to the camp around 14:30, as we later  wouldn’t be able to drive on the beach ... due to the tide! The beach was ‘movie like’ .. endless, crystal clear water, high waves and whatever would make

‘THE BEACH’ looking like on a TV stream!

Unfortunately we couldn’t go for a swim .. the usual …. sharks & jellyfish! The ‘downside’ in this almost perfect world !

Evenings we had showers ( !!!XXX??!!XX ), cooked and took it easy … Andi, the boss, had already advised ( .. or better warned ! ) of an early departure next day …… YES Sir !!!       

Using the map we were given by the hostel, we drove down to the end of the beach next morning, till we ended at a huge rock, which we climbed and were provided with an outstanding view of the area … again we had the feeling of living a movie .. hope you believe my excitement!

This day became a little adventuress, as we also got stuck with the car and our boys had to save us from becoming the headlines on local newspapers … 'Young, famous, good looking', etc … but lost on the beach ( .. salute to Leonardo Di Caprio!).  

Most oft the time, we spent sitting in the car and driving from A to B. But it was worse the torture, as the spots we saw, were out of another world! Back to the camp we relaxed , listened to the Swedish guitar and early went to bed ......   Andi had forecasted an early departure ..... YES SIR!!!

Off we went to see a few more lakes, including the famous Lake MCKenzie - white sands and blue water .., which was pretty crowded, as it's on everyone's

'Must be Seen' list .... the bad side of the paradise! The water was very cold, but what the ‘Hack’ , .. jumped in and almost died of an hard attack! Anyhow, had to do this!

We stayed for another 2 hours and then headed back to the ferry, to return to the mainland at 16:00 P.M. … back to the 'Standard Paradise'  … fresh showers, cold Pepsi and Dominos Pizza, what we already had missed so much!

Even having seen an almost perfect place, our first expectations were not met. We have heard so many stories before and probably expected too much!

Still, we would recommend everyone to go there and see himself – it was great  and lots of fun!

 So far so good .. currently we are in Surfers Paradise, heading on to Byron Bay, where we should stay at least a week and come up with further reports soon.