Airlie Beach - Agnes Water

#3 Main Diary


Agnes Water                               


Basically we should have started a surf training yesterday, but due to coralls and other stuff, which had stranded, we couldn't do so. We were also told, that these brushes are coming from the reef and are not the best if swallowed or flushed into the ears!

YES, .. tuesday morning it worked. After having paid 16.50$ we started at 10:00 A.M. The group was pretty big, but we were still properly treated and cared about ( .. we are girls !!!). ... at the end we all managed to stay on the board and ride the waves ( ... smaller ones, but still we did). We had thought, it would be more difficult! Just ended the day and we started discussing, when and where to try it again ... it's awesome!!!

We had to hurry home, as we were bookedon a Chopper tour .. we have got to see as much as possible! Within a big group we drove off road and saw crocodiles and lot's of kangaroo!  During the 3 hour trip, we only met 3 cars ... nature pur! This was perfect! A dream of a sunset was the cream of the day and at 9:00 P.M. we dropped into our beds ... one more time exhausted!

Currently we have moved on to Hervey Bay and from tomorrow we will be on a trip to Fraser Island for 3 nights! .. will report more after the Fraser Trip here!

Agnes Water


Outbirned and exhausted we entered the night bus, where  we celebrated Sebastians birthday at 12:00 midnight! .. we even had catered for a ready made cake ( .. inclusive candels ) and then he was NOT allowed to bring the cake along in the bus! The trip was horrible, .. 10:00 hours no sleep, and we were very happy arriving there at 9:30 A.M. ... Agnes Water!

Agnes Water & Town of 1770 are an idyllic costline stretch, which became famous, as the first landing of Captain James Cook, when he discovered Australia. He came ashore at the Great Barrier Reef, when they needed to do some repairs and restock supplies. Due to that the Town of 1770 became known as the 'Birthplace of Queensland'.

This place is also known as the cheapest place to learn wave surfing, ... yuhuuuuu!!

Agai... no way to find a hostel .. all overbooked! Late this again proofed to be good, as the bus driver arranged for a small appartment, where we had a kitchen, a washing machine and bath .. all for 21$ and 7 of us could stay there!

So we immediate booked 4 nights, spent first evening with cooking, drinking, talking and soon went to bed .. we were physically wracked!

In Agnes Water there is not much to do, a Supermarket, a surf shop, a Bottle shop and that's it! ... but again, there is an outstanding beach, just 2 minutes from our apartment... ideal, idyllic ... like on TV! We stayed for two days!

Airlie Beach                               


The boys ( Lenni, Calle, David & Philipp ) were booked on a 'White Sunday Sailtrip' on Tuesday. The trip lasted 3 days. A this seemed too expensive too us, Bele & myself didn't join the group .... obviously this was a mistake, as the pictures taken by the boys prooved to be a 'Dream Trip' ... snorchling, white beaches, sailing and a perfect crew on board!  .. I hope to add some pics in the gallery soon!!

One more time Bele & myself got up pretty early, as we wanted to swap the hostel again. Another hostel takes 10 people in a room, which will lower the cost to 16$ / night. Basically we should have staid there from the very beginning, but one more time we have been forgotten and no rooms reserved & vacant for us. BUT, as usual, there was something good about it, as we ended up with a group of very nice people, which we shared our time till the return of 'Our Boys'.

After their return, the boys had two nights free at the hostel, as they had the sail trip booked from there .... for the night we decided to sneak into their room and stay for free!  ... Sadly enough, the last one who entered the room forgot to close up and in the morning a jamaican boy woke me up, pretending, that he is checking the rooms for people, haven't paid the fees!! ... a shock in the morning!

.... if you are ripped out of your dreams (.. middle in the night ), there is no way of justification, if this is right or wrong! ... ha, ha, ha ... not funny at all!

Bele & myself had a lot to laugh about later, .... but still decided to move out same day (... you never know, what this idiot could kick off for the next night?!)

We decided to move from Airlies Beach to Agnes Water ( Town of 1770).

Airlie Beach


Sunday, ... only after one night, we changed the hostel, as the price of 25$ per night at the 'Beaches' was just too much. ... the usual: Check Out in the morning and then waiting for the other hostels room to be vacant ... Magnums, .. the price of 19$ is reasonable ).

Yesterday and today we spend our time discovering Airlie Beach, hanging up at the Lagoon    (... a public beach ) and enjoyed the continous good weather. Due to the reason, that we are currently tramping in a group of 7people, we almost do have a sort of privacy over night! This is a perfect count for most of the hostels, as they usually accomodate groups of 8 in the rooms.