Cairns - Airlie Beach

#2 Main Diary


Airlie Beach                                    


9.00 A.M. weak up  call! .. not too bad ( I could even talk to Lena ) ...this is Bele speaking! ). 12:00 A.M. we headed off to Airlien Beach ... if there wouldn't be the 9:00 hour bus trip, .. we even would have liked it! ... O.K. .. Lena & Bele have been a little crotchety ( quengelig ), but the 'High Quality Pillows' from Sweden can somehow compensate the bad temper and a long journey  ended at 09:00 P.M evening.

We choused the hostel ' Beaches' for the first night, even being a little expensive ..  25$ / night, but we just wanted to have a shower and sleep .... we gave a damn on it ... it's only for one night! The plan to discover Airlies nightlife, was also dumped, as it took too long to get into & out of the shower ( ..7 people and one shower ... take a guess! ).

.. as we also had to check out at 9:00 A.M. next morning, we went to bed to recover from the long day..

Mission Beach                           


'Bye' Cairns, .. Mission Beach - we are coming! .. getting up at 7:00 A.M. in the morning ( .. middle in the night ) - imagine Lenas temper - packing our household and up to catch the bus! .. hope this works.. Friday 13th has luckily passed!

All worked well, we mentally prepared for a 2:00 hour trip - not 'mission impossible' ==> No ..... to Mission Beach ...ha,ha,ha, ( .... what a  phrase)! Anyone by now can imagine, how the trip had been ... but no impact, Lena & Bele had their Swedisch pillows of highest quality!

Arrived at Mission Beach, on the spot we choused a hostel, which 'mission impossible' even had a minibus to take us there. Pretty comfortable, ... 7 seater Minibus ..... and 12 backpackers ... take an elephant into a fridge --> same outcome!! Not enough, that we finally managed to get all into the bus, we also had to share the bus with a huge advertisement board for the hostel. .. we kept thinking of the 'Guinnss Book of Records' .. still, it was lots of fun!   
The hostel itself was very charming and best quality. Small, comfortable, stylish clean and with pool. Even overlooking the sea! Needless to tell, that the 'No Charge' Billiard table soon was ours!

The village itself is pretty small, quiet and not very much to see, ..but a breathtaking beach! There you are even allowed to swim .... Lena & Bele still preferred the pool .. how could you tell, what mute the Jelly fishes had that day!
The 2 days at Mission Beach were spent very peaceful and relaxed: lots of guitar music ( the Swedes even know how to do this ). singing, wine, cooking (.. we never ever again cook rice ) and laughing. 



As David (.. the one Swede ) still struggled with his 'sunstroke' and couldn't come with his friend Calle ( ... the other Swede ) for the scheduled Thunderbolt Trip, Lena took his place and spent a day at "Fitzroy Island" with , boot cruising, sunbathing and snorkeling. The Reef was perfect, 'NEMO' (from the Disney movie ) was there and a big turtle was there .. relaxed passing us in the sea.... a trip which was worth every penny ... not only because of the Swede!

With lots of pool, sun & Swedes, the days in Cairns came to an end and we decided to carry on with our trip towards the south. To do so, we bought a Greyhound Ticket, which would allow us to travel from Cairns to Melbourne over a period of 6 month! Anywhere in between we can do as many Hop On - Hop Off as we want. Bele and David bought the tickets for all 7 of us ( Lenas hood: Bele, Lenni, Calle, David, Sebastian, & Philipp ). Each had to provide his own unique PIN - no problem! .. Stop, .. maybe yes? Friday the 13th? ... yes a problem!

Calle & Sebastians PINs didn't fitt (.. out of curiosity ) and we wouldn't know till close to departure next morning, if they could come along with us!



Yeeh !! The Swedes are coming!! 11:00 A.M. surprisingly enough, the 'knorken' Swedes arrived ( .. we have left a good impression it seems ). The weather was outstanding, 35 Degree .. gorgeous .. unfortunately too much for the Swedes ....  a sunburn was the outcome .. he, he, ... they have to bear the blame!!