Perth - Margaret River - Albany

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Perth - Margaret River - Albany

06.06.07 - 11.06.07

As we speak ... car is packed and off we go to Margaret River - Steven has lived there for some time! Margaret River is about a 3 1/2 hour ride south to Perth. Due to our late departure 9 .. 8:00 P.M. ) we only arrived there around 20:00 P.M. We took some fast-food, parked the car, unrolled the Swags and went downtown to a Pub! The village isn't big at all .. a small beach resort and not many people on the roads. Seems it is totally different during summer period!

It is also very well known for Surfing - not that I would know much about, but the waves there are known to the surfers! In the Pub we met some of Stevens friends .. became a nice evening, even it also became pretty cold! Finally ended up in the warm Swag and immediate I had to get out again ... I felt horrible bad in my stomach! Not because of the buzz (.. we didn't have a lot ), but because of the last days fast-food taken! .. I just turned the stomach inside out all was done!     

Next morning we went to a 4 wheel track! Yes, .. I want to drive! There was no problem, except a small tree! ... not big enough to stop me and no real damage on the car =)! This was Fun - Cool!

We ended up on a lonely beach - nobody there, .. beautiful! We stayed for the afternoon .. the silence was amazing! Steven went for surfing ( .. as usual ), which didn't really improve healing of his wounds from the skateboard fall, .. anyhow - was cool to look watch him .. he really looks professional on his body board! Later we went for food and to a Skate park... was fun and all alone we couldn't make a monkey out of ourselves. When the professionals arrived, we stopped and just had a look at them! Was a long day - sunset at a lookout point and back into the Swag for the night!

The Suzuki Jeep was repaired (.. bad petrol ) .. off to the river, which hardly carries water during this time of the year. Nature Pure! Then we carried on  towards Albany! Some of Stevens friends live there and we will visit them! Arrived in Albany, .. shower, .. what a luxury! Two of his friends live together in a house - chaotic and dirty, typical boys, but cool and funny=> and like in television early out next morning - surfing - the 3 boys and Me! Good to look at, .. they are all really dammed good! In the afternoon we went on: Camping was the subject!

The boys decided to go for fishing and catch some sharks, haha .. shark fishing!! A punch of 'Chaotic Chaps' - it was the laugh of the day! Once everyone was ready to leave, it became 7:00 P.M. and dark!

At the beach we tried to make fire, which more or les failed due to the moistened wood. Still the boys were after the sharks and stayed very long on the beach - didn't catch any!!=) The night out there again turned very cold - even in the Swag! Mornings we went on, .. again for surfing! BUT, .. first find the right spot, .. the right wave, etc... it took some 2 hours, till the right place was spotted and the gave it a try ... Oh man, .. like some girls going for the first date!!

After surfing we headed home to Perth! A 6 hour trip! .. OK, .. and as Steven knows a shortcut, no problem at all! When it turned dark, we left the highway into the forest, where we expected to hit the highway after 20Km's .. we drove, and drove, and .... all the horror movies from television surfaced! No reception on for the mobile .. my god! I honestly doubted this to be the right way, .. shortly after Steven also wasn't sure any longer and we returned the way we came! .. an hour later we arrived at the highway, .. I      started breathing again! After driving another 30 minutes on the highway, we suddenly heard a strange ' duk, duk, duk, .. from the engine .. SUPER! We ran out of petrol!

There we were .. 25Kms from a Gas Station and probably 60Km's from Perth .. we could have been home by now!! Still no reception on the mobile, but after some 20 minutes somebody took us along to the next gas station, we bought a cherry can filled it with petrol and called a Taxi .. back to the Jeep! ... oh jeahhh.. it took another 2 hours for the cap to arrive! It was still fun at the beginning, but then turned into desperation! The taxi driver just laughed about us!

We arrived back home around midnight - instead of the expected 6 hour ride , we took some 10 hours back to Perth! Finally home, .. hot shower and sleeeeep!

The next days were planned for 'boring life' .. just relax, .. no adventures and no surprises!

BUT, .. you always learn, .. mainly from the bad! .. never ever again a shortcut! =) Still, .. it was some gorgeous days!