Sydney - Perth - Exmouth (#2)

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Back to Sydney

18.05.07 - 26.05.07

Back to Sydney ... pretty strange and lonely, .. with out Lenni and Bele, hmmmm!

That evening I just fell onto my bed and slept - exhausted from the last days, the traveling and the big impressions, which I still do have to work up!

The days in Sydney just passed like holidays ... with the ferry I went to Manly, a small beach village, which is half an hour drive from the city and offers a beautiful shore.

.. Have been lying in the sun, visited a real 'Aussi' Footy game - 'Sydney towards Adelaide' , ...  Jeahh - was cool. The crowd was amazing, .. the stadium boiling! Sadly I didn't catch on the rules, so I decided to have some beer .. helped to pick at least some of the rules =)! Another OZ - Highlight!

Then Calle came to visit me for a day and we went out, have been talking a lot and enjoyed Sydney and its harbor. After Calle had left again, a friend from Aussi Farmers Direct visited me .. David .. a lovely Chap .. full program and lots of fun for a weekend. And even better, .. he had a hotel room and I was invited to stay there for free ( .. what a luxury for a backpacker ).

Funny enough, being an Australian, he never before was in Sydney ... therefore I had to show him around .. we conducted the full program! .. a great weekend, I tell you!!

Time flies - a week in Sydney passed and in agreement with my parents, I will move back to Perth on Sunday, to discover a little more of the southern West Cost. .. forgot to tell - the weather in Sydney was outstanding .. every day sun - abnormal for Sydney - perfect holiday climate=).


Return to Perth

27.05.07 - 29.05.07

Juhuuuu back to Perth, back to the West Coast! .. the most beautiful place in Australia - my opinion!  The flight - as usual - no comment - almost 6 hours, endless boring, but it is worth doing it!

I was picked from Steven, the nice Tour Guide, .. wow, what a nice chap and service! AND, .. I can even stay with him, jaeh, .. saved some money again - that's good! ... very tired from flying and getting up early, this day had passed me, without even realizing it was there! ... therefore ==> more power next day and we wanted to go for a boot trip with Stevens parents boot. Unfortunately they have been hiding the keys at a secure place and we couldn't find them ... there must have been a reason for , I guess=)!!

Alternately we spent lots of time playing table tennis and drinking beer .. a typical Aussi Day!

Next morning Steven got up at 6:00 A.M. to go surfing, .. ohoo, 'mad boy', ... but if it would have been going to snowboard, I would also have done it! Not enough from the early morning surfing he later went onto his Long board ( sort of a skate board ) and after a horrible crash returned with several bruises and skin-abrasions on his fingers, hips and legs, etc....,  hahaha, I just had to laugh about! This ended the days activities and we went downtown, to change my flight detail and confirm my flight. On 10th July I will finally fly to Dubai, spend a few days with my father and Nella and latest 17th / 18th July I will be back to good old Germany! This is fixed now!

 The decision to stay longer in OZ was made without even trying to find reasons for ... it simply was my heart, which decided! Never mind - I had fun and currently enjoy life to the full, ... without big judgments or major evaluations to justify the same! Next day we will have to get up early, as Steven will have to go on another tour and I will be allowed to come along - for free - cool! One more time to Exmouth and back - tracking the sun down, lots of fun, cool people and a few more adventures!


Exmouth #2

30.05.07 - 05.06.07

Getting up early morning, .. packing the bus, picking the tourists from the hostels and off we go - Exmouth we are coming!

There is not much more to tell about the tour, which was described in the report done for the same trip! From that aspect nothing really new, besides doing it twice, there are lots of things seen different and you still discover more.  Each and every Tour Guide has his own view of the story and the people do the rest to make it appear very much different! Was a good punch of tourists and endless funny!

We spent a real good time .. and as things develop once in a while, I also had more time to better observe Steven, learn about him and get him known better.

I discovered, that we do share a lot of opinions and habits ... strange how life sometimes rules on its own and 'WE' ending up like a small spot in a 'Big Something' ... driven by emotions!

The Tour came to an end and one more time exhaustion was the winner of the last day ... tired from endless driving! The distances in OZ are enormous but in any case - we had an amazing time - funny stories to tell and lots of good discussions at the campfires!  ... Outstanding! The day after the tour is a traditional post meeting, including a long night out with lots of 'buzzz', dancing and discussing the past days out =). As a result of that, the next day was horrible - a massive 'Hung Over'! Very important to recover, relaxe and prepare for the next day .... we will go on a small road trip towards the south, juhuuu!