Perth - Alice Springs - Uluru

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09.05.07 - 14.05.07


Tired and exhausted but happy, as the trip to Exmouth was fantastic! All the participants have met one more time in the evening ... is a tradition, to have a drink, some fun and discuss the experienced =). Next day, badly enough Lenni left to Sydney, as he will return back home to Good Old Germany. Was pretty strange, when I suddenly found myself left over, specially as we have been traveling together for so long time - still, the adventure goes on and traveling on my own also will add new experience and excitement to my life, besides missing Lenni & Bele.     

The next days I spent with Steven, one of the Tour Guides, who also friendly enough allowed me to stay at his place ... for free - perfect for my budget=)! During these days he also showed me a lot of Perth - a 'Joker' - a personal Tour Guide!

He also acted as a personal tour Guide, which was pretty convenient and as he also is a 'Real Australian Surfer', in addition also forced me for some surf training ... and strange enough it turned out to be Real Fun!

The days in Perth came to an end and I couldn't await flying to Alice Springs, where I wanted to learn more about the Australian Outback, .. jaehh!


Alice Springs - Uluru - Kings Canyon

14.05.07 - 17.05.07

Off to the airport .. off to Alice Springs, juhuu! Just about a 4.0 hours flight - unbelievable considering a flight just within Australia. You arrive there and the only thing you see is 'Outback' - you just feel lost in a big something, but it is touching!

First impression: There is nothing to do here but you feel being part of the world and finally ended up in the real and magic 'Australia'!

From the airport I straight went to my hostel - 'Melankas Backpacker'. I would have loved to walk a little through the roads but was advised not to do so, due to the reason, that there are alcohol dependant Aboriginals around, which could attack and rob you, just to get hold on some drugs or alcohol! ... to my opinion 'NOT' their fault, as we 'foreigners' first have intruded their habitat ( living space & culture ) and made them loose their purpose of life and habits!

... sad enough, but we can't rewind that!

I went to bed early, as the departure next day was setup for 06:15 A.M. - the long awaited Ayers Rock trip!

Tired to death but endless excited - finally the adventure starts! We were picked from the hostel - the group existed of 16 persons and two Tour Guides ... a convenient size for a tour in OZ =) ... all turned out very likeable!

First we faced an endless 5.0 hour ride towards Ayers Rock and we finally saw the silhouettes of the same coming out of nowhere .. wow!

On the way there we stopped at a Camel farm .. why?? ==> Australia has the highest number of camels on one continent. Walk a little and try some camel riding, which I was not eager on, as I had already done this many times in Abu Dhabi.

After we finally arrived in our camp and had lunch, we already left for our first small 'Hike' through Valley of Winds in Kata Tjuta - half an hour drive from our camp. Wow - may not look very impressive on the pictures but seen in live almost is 'Breathtaking'! The explanations and stories of the Aboriginals just topped our feelings ... and then - Ayers Rock!!

At the place where all the tourists do their phot sessions - same did I - we enjoyed the sunset and had a glass of wine and a few snacks ... unbelievable touchy and stunning! Shortly after we went back to the camp, having a shower, dinner and a traditional campfire with lots of stories and songs ... the dream of a 'City Slicker' ( .. people livening in big cities ). Overnight we spent in a 'Swag'

( .. a thick, big and cozy sleeping bag ) - middle in the Outback under the clearest starry sky, I have ever seen! Even so it became a little cold this night, the excitement protected me feeling the cold ...!

The morning: .. getting up at 6:00 A.M. and no time to loose, .. Uuhhh, freezy cold, .. really cold I mean! After breakfast, I covered myself in almost everything I found .. damned it was cold! Then we drove off to Ayers Rock to observe the sunrise, which as expected was stunning but this time we couldn't enjoy very much, due to the extreme cold temperature!

Then we were there - 'Uluru' ( Ayers Rock ) .. I was overwhelmed with emotions! .. then we had the choice: either climbing up OR walking all around the legendary Ayers Rock  (.. an 8-9 Km walk ).  As we were told, that the Aboriginals do not like people climbing the rock ( ... would turn into people not excepting their religion, culture and believes ), we decided to go for the walk.

During the walk we learned, that there are 'male' and 'female' areas, where its not allowed to take pictures! If still done and pictures would appear in the internet or somewhere in public, it could happen, that an innocent aboriginal could see them and will have to be punished for immediate after ( ... their culture asks for that and has to be accepted!).

We were given a lot of information's during our walk which explained and lifted one or the other mystic of the Aboriginals and their culture! After the walk we drove to our camp close to the Kings Canyon - .. dinner, shower, fireplace and talking, talking, talking .... you have to 'work up' the seen and experienced somehow!

As we were really tired from the long day and the activities , we soon went to bed this day!

Next day we ONLY left at 8:00 A.M. - thanks god! Still tired but again ready for more news and some more eye catchers! We drove to Kings Canyon, where we headed off for a 4 hour Hike - huh!X? Wasn't just a walk, but again impressive! The first half hour was very exhausting till we reached the top. Then it became more relaxed and we had more time to observe and were als explained a lot of the area, the trees, plants and lots of other things seen around there .. this sadly enough will not really show on my pictures, but I can assure ... what a world and the Aboriginals are right in ALL aspects or discussions! They live the proper life and respect the planet ... we should learn from them!    

Middle in the Canyon there is a sweet water lake .. too cold for a swim ( .. at least for me ). After the 4 hour walk, everyone was really 'knackered'! This almost was the end of the trip and we got ready to return to Alice Springs. Using a shortcut on the way back, we saved 2 hours and even saw lots of animals.... horses, sheep's, kangaroos, cows, etc ... was bumpy but another nice experience.   .                   

All over all a 'fantastic tour', where I only learned later on, that I was upgraded to a higher standard, as I had booked! ... meaning, .. the others paid lots more then I did and explained, that they didn't want to sleep in a 'swag' , as they were booked in comfortable rooms! 

The tour was one of my Australia highlights and I can only recommend to everyone, NOT to leave back home before having seen Ayers Rock - Uluru ... it's worthwhile!

Back home in Alice Springs, I just fell into my bed ... dead from the seen, lived and experienced .. still difficult to fall asleep! .. next day I will head on to Sydney.