Perth - Exmouth - Perth 1

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Melbourne - Perth



Finally we head on to Perth: at 10:00 A.M. we take the flight from Melbourne  to Perth , ... incredible that the a flight within Australia will last 4.0 hours! ...
In Perth we were picked up and taken to our hostel. Shortly after we went on a small discovery tour and walk through the city. Perth appears very nice, pretty quiet and relaxed ... no visible stress .. lovely at the first sight!
As we were a little tired form the trip and not really prepared for more discoveries, we early returned to the hostel and went to bed .... AND, .. we are supposed to head off for our west coast trip as early as 6:00 A.M. next morning

.... Good night Mate!!!


1st Day - Perth - Kalbarri



Weakup at 6.30  - oh man, .. too early but good. We were looking forward for this departure for soo many weeks and now we were ready for another exciting trip ... and Man, ... if we would have known at that stage??!!XX"@@.

We were directly picked from our hostel, we collected another few 'explorers' and ended up in a group of 20.

Lets move .. our tour guides were very relaxed from the beginning and seemed to enjoy the trip as well ... a good sign!

First day was mainly based on making 'miles and more' in our tour bus .. we made 600kM's on roads, sand and gravel!

On our way we stopped in Nambung National Park, where the very famous 'Pinacles' can be seen ... stones, which appear growing out of the sand! Then we went on to visit a small Wildlife Zoo, where the owner had collected lonely and insured animals. We could feed kangaroos and hand snakes winding along our arms and fingers .. have a look at the gallery!

Close to the first days stay, we had a stop over on a salt lake, where we experienced  an unforgettable sunset.

the night as such we spent in the hostel in Kalbarri ... breakfast, lunch & dinner inclusive! After dinner we immediate went to bed .. such a day eats up your reserves!  


2nd Day - Kalbarri - Monkey Mia



Another day , another 6.30 A.M. weak up call! XX@@!!?? - oh man =)
Off to another national park, where Lenni and me experienced the adventure of 'Roping' .. this was 'scary' , BUT 'Fun'!

There ws a drop down of some 25 meters and it takes all your courage to get over the top and then down the rock! First time we went down with the head heading towards the rock and second time the other way around .. once over the top, you just run down ... was a real 'kick' and discussed a few hours after, even a lot of fun! we spent quite some hours in the park, .. no real track and we continuously had to climb over rocks and other obstacles .. weather was ideal .. 30 Grad Celsius .. lovely!


Out of the forest, we headed on to 'Shell Beach'. As the name already forecasts, the beach is built of shells, shells and shells! The water is very salty and cold as well .. we didn't 'risk' a swim!

Next stop targeted, was 'Monkey Mia' , where we also spent our overnight stay.

All the way along the west coast up to Exmouth, had the same look ... red sand & bushes .. didn't change al along the 1700Km's.The gas stations also are adopted ... in Germany nobody would take a chance and buy some petrol there .. all very small and sort of lonely and abandon .. no question .. still awesome!

Driving the Highway also was an experience ... you are going to see no car for hours ... every hour one at its best!

Monkey Mia was a beautiful hostel - direct look to the beach, with pool and every possible comfort ( .. 'bag packers' comfort!).  

The water was very cold - but the sunset in Monkey Mia compensated for that.

After dinner we participated in an Aboriginal tour, which also turned out to be very educational and interesting.

The guide himself was a real aboriginal, which took as through the 'bush' middle in the night and then ended up at a fireplace, where we were presented a fish BBQ, which was prepared in the traditional way the aboriginals are doing this for so many generations. Following this, having a taste of the fish and observing the man can never every be put in words ... absolute outstanding and something I will never forget in life! The trip only lasted 2 hours, but he managed to convey the basics of aboriginal life, traditions, the language, the stars, etc.......... only a few bits and pieces, ... BUT could change someone's life and also help understanding their culture and believes!        
Another beautiful day - immediate we went to bed ... another day will surprise our trip and expectations tomorrow!


3rd Day - Monkey Mia - Coral Bay



07.30 A.M. - hurry, hurry,... off to the beach! Monkey Mia is worldwide known for its dolphins, which come to the beach every morning and can be feed by the tourists. These awesome animals really come to the beach and get so close to you, that you can even touch and fondle them... big emotions take exchange there! I'm sure the animals feel the same as the tourists do ... seeking for communication and exchange of love with something NEW ... as a dolphin lover, this was surely heart breaking for me!

Next target was Coral Bay, which very much looked like Shell Beach we had visited before. Some sort of real figures were sculpted there, .. only a close look could surface the evidence, that they all were built of small shells!

The shower some time later was a saltwater shower only, which was no problem at all, as we  were already winding up for next day ... going for a snorkeling trip

( ... probably with Manta Ray's ???)