Melbourne 3 / Return from Dubai

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Melbourne 3

 26.03.07 - 30.04.07


Back to Australia ... nothing much to discuss about the flight, ... it was real pain! After 24 hours on the move, I finally arrived back 'home' in Melbourne - a warm welcome with 'Calle' and the rest of the gang. I'm home again.

Still, .. a day after I returned to normal life and work started again ... I do need money, .. as more as better!

Also Calle became a milkman now - he also feels committed to help the 'Aussie Farmers' =). Work seems the same every day .. one good day ==> you earn good money, ...then a bad day and ===> all is boring!

Still, in summary the last week was fine and we finally booked our trip to the West Coast. 1st May we will depart to Perth .. my remaining partner from the 'Golden TEAM' - Lenni and myself!

From there we will start a trip towards the north with lots of sightseeing and possibly snorkeling with Whale sharks .. if we are lucky!

After that we will return to Perth as I will split there from my friend Lenni, who returns to Sydney and then heads back home to Germany on 14th of May.

I will spend a few more days in Perth and then move on to Alice Springs .. Ayers Rock! I do expect a lot of excitement during the three days, where I am booked on a trip around Ayers Rock ... hope the spirits of the Aborigines will catch me!


After the long term stay in Melbourne, I really do need to head on now, .. see the West Coast and do some traveling ... back to the roots! Sadly the time spending here in OZ doesn't only consist of Fun and travel. To make the living, this three month work stop in Melbourne was unavoidable ... would have run out of money without that ... life is expensive here!    


With the benefit of hindsight all was a lot of fun =) Calle, sadly enough, can't come along for the west coast trip, as he can't raise the money ... in summary all it is pretty expensive! In any case, I will meet him again after my return from Alice Springs. Supposed to see him in Sydney before I will finally get on the plain and return to Germany.

Now its the last week of work and soon after I will have to report lots of more interesting stories and even better ... lots of pics from the East coast!


Lotsa luv to everyone....Hugzzz....Lena