Melbourne 2 / Dubai

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Melbourne / Dubai

 12.03.07 - 24.03.07


Ohh, excitement .. today we are off to Dubai! Bele finally will meet her Swedish friend and I will meet my family and my friend and neighbor Melanie.

Early morning lovely Dave had brought us to the airport in Melbourne ... oooh boy, I had to leave "My Swede Calle" back there! But to see the family is a reasonable point and it's only for 2 weeks ... O.k. lets move!

From Melbourne off to Sydney , nice flight - it only last 1 hour for the trip. Late morning we arrived and thanks to Beles friend Danielle, we could hang around in Sydney till our departure to Dubai. She picked us from the airport and we spent the time talking ... quite relaxing. Our feelings were split - lots of anticipation for the upcoming trip to Dubai / on the other hand a 17 hour flight.. my god, this can't be survived without some mental impact! It was horrible and just lasted for ever! 9 hours to Bangkok, 1 hour transit .. at least we could have a little walk .. and then another 7 hours to Dubai .. oh man?!X!

BUT, .. the Emirates planes are outstanding : good movies, nice games - lots of entertainment! Still, once we arrived we were really happy.

The reunion of David and Bele was movie like .. sweet =). And then, .. my mom and Mela ( Marianne ) arrived .. tears were close! Off into the taxi and to the apartment of my father.

the 2 weeks in Dubai were spent with sightseeing: shopping malls, museum, Souk,

to the beach, Wild Wadi, cruising with the car through Dubai, hotels, swimming in the pool on 29th floor above the busy city, sun bathing ... more or less the full program for Melanie=).

Evenings we were usually so tired from the day, that we just hang around in front of the TV or early went to bed. Still never it was boring, besides we all needed a little rest.. mom and Mela from the boring everyday life in Germany - me from the heavy working weeks in Australia =).

Thursday morning 22nd Marianne ... aehhh, Melanie ... returned to cold Germany. I will start my 17 hour return trip on 25th to Australia. I'm already looking forward to that, as I feel, not being jet ready to return to Germany. Traveling still is too much fun. Possibly it's a little bit cheating, as I had met my family after 5 month again and this helped a lot. 

Just was good and built up energy .. good to have mom and Dad around.

Dubai was terrific .. thanks to both!



 19.02.07 - 11.03..07


Still we have to work, work, work, ... for Bele the situation has luckily changed! after 2 boring weeks on the job, finally she also bent her ankle .. same place she had done the same a year ago. Result = she hardly could move and the doctor suggested to minimize moving the leg for 6 weeks .. a stop of work and basically no sightseeing was the outcome! .. there must be a reason for that (.. as my father keeps saying!) .. weak excuse for Bele.I forced myself to work every day .. some days were better , other very bad .. but I know, why I'm doing this and this helps. Time fly's, if you are on a job!

Then a glow on the horizon .. we planned a trip around Melbourne .. Great Ocean Road .. yeahh!! With Dave from work, his brother, Calle & Bele, we left early morning on Saturday. We were lucky to have our Australian guide Dave around and we did not get lost from the very beginning ( .. as usual). And much more important,. none of us had to drive himself ... you know ... all this Ghost riders in OZ (.. all drive on the wrong side of the road).   

As the name tells, the road directly follows the ocean and for some people (.. like Calle  ) the curvy road wasn't the best for his stomach. on the way there we made a stop over at a lovely waterfall .. we could directly walk up to the water!  Was an unbelievable good feeling standing there so close .. can't do that in Germany?! From there we carried on to our camping yard at Apollo Bay =) .. Bele and me love camping! Dave had all the camping gear with him .. the boys built up the tend and the girls inflated the mattress ..the way it should be .. isn't it? after a small snack in the small village Apollo Bay (.. similar to Buehlertann ), we met up with 3 Norwegian girls from work. They also spent the weekend with friends there. They had booked a beach house there and we immediate felt home with them. an unforgettable evening .. one of many!

pain next morning .. this is camping! Come on mates, lets see the '12 Apostels'! At the very beginning there were 12 of them, .. now there are probably 8 of them left ... a rock formation in the sea, which grows out of nowhere from the water .. very impressing! They can be seen on lots of postcards, still is different being just in front of them .. real live .. fascinating what nature can produce! Have a look on the pics .. will be posted soon!

Then we returned home, making a stop over in Toorkey, which hosts some outlet Stores of labels like "Rip Curl", "Roxy", "Quicksilver", etc... there you can buy for half the price, compared to the normal stores .. surely we had to go there and grub a little =).

Happy having changed the every days life one more time, we finally were back to our apartment and pretty tired we were! .. no matter if from driving, the trip as such or from camping!

As not mentioned before ... another trip already was planned for next day ... the trip to Dubai! .. lets go to bed and sleep!