#11 Main Diary



 28.01.07 - 18.02..07


Working, working, working, ... currently there isn't really more to tell!

The weeks pass and as all of you back home, we also do have a normal course of live. Beside that, it is pretty difficult to save money - even though we are earning good money, still we need a lot to make up for the daily living ... food, rent, etc...

' All that glitters isn't Gold ' and due to that, we also do have our problems, .....

even though we travel, have a good time and so much more .. is part of life and also makes the same 'worth living'.  

Still there are highlights now and then .... the best of all =) on 13th of the month my Swede had returned to OZ.  - huuu! Yes, .. almost speechless, when he finally faced me.

Live is really thrilling and we do very consciously experience all of that ... is all very much different, once away from home!

We will continue with this job till 10th of March and on 12th March we will make a sort of ' Vacation from Vacation ' and will return to Dubai for 2 weeks. There we will meet my mom, my father, Mela and another Swede.... for a few days , Bele's friend from Sweden - David - will join us there. We are really looking forward to that.

One of the next weekends we will arrange for a trip along the Great Ocean Road  ... we need some rest and do something different to our everyday life. Then we will have some new reports for you. So, don't be jealous, ... we currently live a normal life. Lotsa luv to everyone....Hugzzz....Lena



 15.01.07 - 27.01..07

Yeah, .. went to work for a week ... our first real working week has passed successful. Every day we meet at 13:00 in the office for a short briefing! They explain the achieved results of the last week, prices are handed over and everything else prepared for the upcoming day. If we discover problems, we are supported and told how to solve them.

Then we all get into the VAN and after a breakfast break, we are dumped in different areas .. somewhere around 15:00 P.M. First week past on the fly and I had 23 sales this week .. which is very good and Bele also had 18! Surely this also is because of the people we work with - all backpackers - and always in a good mute. The work is fun. If you want, you can get drunk every day=). Concerning this matter, Bele and myself became a little unamusing the last weeks! During the week we usually stay at home , cook, watch a DVD and go to bed!

There was lousy weather on the weekend .. horrible! Rain, rain and again rain! And we were so much looking forward going to the beach, just a few meters from our apartment. The only good, .. we felt very close to you all in Germany and the rainy weather=)

Highly motivated we kick off the next week .. every week there are prices to be won, .. who sells most eggs, most of the juice and the coffee. On top there are even daily prices. The weekly prices are presented every Monday.

AND, .. I already won one! Had sold most of the juices in a week and received two Golden Class cinema Ticket .. cool! ... Dad! .. you remember, .. once in Abu Dhabi we also were in a Golden Class Cinema .. think was Christmas.

Yes, this was motivation pure and even better was, that the working week only was 4 days, due to the Friday being Australian Day .. a holiday - an extended weekend!

Next week passed pretty fast and there was not very much more to report .. somehow all keep revolving! We also do have an everyday live here. And finally on Friday we also had beautiful weather and spent the afternoon on the beach

.... terrific!

We love staying in Melbourne and last Tuesday 2 more boys and two girls ( .. funny swedish ) joined us, which will share our apartment .. all of them same age as we are. Bele and myself loved that .. they perfectly fit into our flat-sharing community.

Currently everything seems to be perfect, .. friday 13th, finally has departed and we are just doing good now!