Albury - Melbourne

#10 Main Diary


Albury - Melbourne

 07.01.07 - 15.01..07


Finally we are leaving Albury - don't promote this to anyone! Still it was a sort of  adventure, besides the gray appearance and the lousy weather we faced.

Thanks god, we are moving to Melbourne. We were looking forward to that for so long time, as everyone was excited about it .. and, .... everything will get better in Melbourne anyhow! Even the 6 hour bus trip couldn't stop us .. at least out of Albury =).

About 21:00 hours  we arrived in Melbourne - or have we ended up in Germany? Stop it! here we arrived in our Flip Flops and breezed our 'but' ... 12 C. !!! We  haven't seen such a big temperature difference, ever since we arrived in OZ .. never even though about! ' Real brass monkey weather' , eh?  And we thought everything gets better in M. .... O.K. don't loose heart! Thanks god, we had booked our hostel before - a YHA  Hostel (.. you will find everywhere in OZ ) .. catch a taxi and off we go... YAH Hostel we proudly said! We want to have a shower and sleep ... checked in and found ourselves in the 'wrong' YAH Hostel .. there are 2 more in Malbourne XX!!!@@ Dammed!! We hardly could stop laughing on ourselves! Off to the right YAH Hostel - this time it worked out and we were right! .. had a shower and off to find some food .. everything closed by now and  so we went to bed, ... without food but into a lovely bed!!         

Next day we explored the city ... immediate we loved the place. Still it was a big city but no hectic like in Sydney.

Cultural, quiet and with flair .. a dream! Immediate we knew , that this is the place to stay for some time - we feel good here!

08.01 - first we moved the flat, as all the hostels had doubled the prices due to the Australian Open and a Cricket tournament being in town! We can't effort that .. Backpackers! The friendship with Lukas, whom we met in Surfers Paradise now paid back! He is from Germany but studies in M. . he offered us a place in his flat .. on the floor, but for free! One week we could stay there. Next day we started looking for an apartment and a job - Yeahhh! We found a perfect place in St. Kilda, .. cheaper then a hostel , with kitchen, washing machine, living room and 5 minutes from the beach! 'Bullseye' for backpackers ... we made it!        

09.01 - Now we can move in and only need a job to cater for the weekly rent! Fully motivated, we took the flyer from the hostel board, which promised 1000$ per week!!!! - "The Milkman is back" - Call Shane for more information - .. immediate we did that! ... 1000$ per week is a lot of money, .. compared to the nightclub we worked before, .. 5 days/ 7 hours a day ==> 350$. Ant questions? We called , made an appointment next day and pretty excited we went there .. full of hopes! Dammed!  .. we got the job and could start the day after!

First we received a 2 hour introduction, were explained what it is all about & how to approach and do the same == at the end we are supposed to paddle!

Sounds a little suspicious but isn't as bad .. a serious job it turned out! We are working for a company, which does door delivery of milk, bred and eggs!  

Years back in OZ people always had milk delivered to their doorsteps, till the supermarkets took over and spoiled a working community system. The farmers were out of the business! To return to the roots and to sell more Australian products the company "Aussie Farmers Direct" was founded! Our job is walking door to door and promoting & selling the farmers products! Per sale we will get

20 - 40$. As milk, eggs and bred are products which everyone needs, they are easy to sell. And the Selling Team can't be better - Backpackers! Partly they are doing this job already for several months, as it pays well! All in our age and very nice. First day we went off with the 'Best' . . just walk with them and learn. Working time is 13:00 P.M. to 22:00 P.m., where real working time only is 15:00  -22:00 at the end .. before the job we always have a meeting .. this isn't real work!      

Last hour that day, we went on our own and both did a sale! Perfect for first day .. we were on fire! To keep people motivated, there are always prices for all group of bests ... most selling, highest selling, best group, etc... Prices for instance are a  "Flightcenter" worth 200$! There are 2 Teams with 8 people each and the teams also do have competition in between ... on Friday we promptly won our first match and received a case of beer =) ! 

Is real fun and easy work as well. Today was our first day on our own and Bele made 3 and I did 4 sales Perfect, .. just made 130$ . It even improves our English .. as we said = in M. everything will get better! As we are enjoying the job, we are planning to carry on till end February. Tomorrow we will move into our apartment and start feeling a sort of home! Not to mention, that even the weather now has improved ... some 30C.

Melbourne is terrific - we are feeling perfecy!