As we all still wanted to head on further to the north of Queensland, to see the rainforest, we booked a trip to Cape Tribulation. ..this was sheer lunacy ( .. Wahnsinn)!

Started early morning at 7:30 A.M., we first drove up to Port Douglas and first tramped through the rainforest, driven with a boat seeing free living crocodiles next and around us....amazing!!! My pents were full, ... I was just awaiting the boat to flip over! ... wow, didn't happen!

 Our hostel was directly located on the beach and middle in the rainforest - a dream came true! There was nothing else to do, rather then enjoying nature! But this was good enough for these days .. we deserved and needed this! Besides I couldn't sleep first night, due to the sound approaching from the forest ... any sound you can think about!

Shortl;y after two more Germans joined in our room - Sebastian & Philipp, who just converted Lena & Bele into ' Siggi' and 'Resi'. Don't need to tell, that they are nativ bavarians !

On saturday, Bele and myself arranged for a beautiful horse riding trip through the rainforest and along the beach. The three boys, inclusive Lenni, went for snorkling! Three days were spent relaxing and living the day .... is this real live and true?



If you will just arrive from Sydney, there is NOT much to do in Cairns. We havebeen down to the city, relaxed at the Lagoon, a nice pool next to the sea, etc.... why not swimming in the sea?

There are crocodiles and Jellyfishes everywhere around. You better stay out!  Weather was perfect - 35 degrees, but some sorrow, that our 'knorke' Sweds were not around! As a replacement, we had a 'knorke'  Italian on our room ( 6 bed room ... plenty of space and very clean)!

Sydney - Cairns


Forever now 'BELE's Day' ..... After we have been out all night long and during checking out of the hostal, middle of the receoyion Bele dropped the coffe, which I have brought along from good old Germany ( .. don't know why, but I did!).  All after that, a gent from the hostal had to help with a grinding machine, to cut the security wire, which she had locked her backpack

( rucksack) to her bed ..... very responsible and reliable person!! .. too bad, that the lock wouldn't open again!!

Even with the support of our friendly baning advisor 'GARRY' , who assured us, that our tickets will be avilable on Thursday, it didn't work out. Trouble nad lots of stress ... Hmmmm ? maybe friday the 13th ?! All after that, we were pretty tired, all inclusive as well as the flight!

19: P.M. we finally arrived in Cairnes and ONLY wanted to get to the hostel and sleep ... the usual... why the hell things should work here? One more time our arrival was forgotten and we ended up in a taxi. The hostel .. a dream, very nice, direct on the beach, ....

Schlaaaaafen ( ...'get to bed and sleep' )!!!



One more time Sydneys nightlife! ... and with success! Along the George Street, you will find lots of Clubs and bars, where you hardly find anyone else except backpackers. Shortly after entering "The three wise Monkeys", Bele and myself soon made friends with two very nice and 'knorke' boys from Sweden. ..... hey, .. we love this country ==> sure!! .. SKOL !!!

Till our departure to Cairns on Thursday, we spent the days with the two .... looking Sweds. ... Bondi Beach, Town Down, pool billard, dancing, etc..... )

Frankfurt - Cairns

#1 Main Diary



First thing in the morning, we visited WESTPACK Bank in Sydney, to register for our Creditcard, which just worked out to be an easy job, ...  thanks to this good looking boy, called 'GARRY' .. whooooww ! .. he was really nice! Luckily when planning our upcoming route, we were given good info's by another backpacker and also by 'GLEN' in the Booking Center. Then it was clear:

On Thursday we will fly to CIARNS and will travel down the Eastcoast first ... one more flight!?

After having applied for our Text File Number ( .. was a little bit fishy, as you do need an address in Australia ), we found time to see a little of Sydney and gaining first impressions of this all new world.

WOW WOW WOW - Shopping (..not easy to understand the people ), Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Aquarium, Boot cruise (... certainly it started raining, once we entered theboot ... sure! ) ....etc....! Later in the evening, we first time checked out Sydneys nightlife - "The Gaff" .

Dubai - Sydney


6:00 A.M. in the morning - Sydney ... we are comming!

Kicked off with pure excitement ... VISA O.K. ?? .. yes we managed! The weather, just NOT perfect but who cares ... we are in Australia, ... in any case better then Germany ... sorry for you fellows back home! Lots of impressions, which we can not absorb at the moment. "Glebe Point Backpackers" on the Glebe Point Road .... we request advised of our destination, ..he takes off! ....The 50$ bill for the taxi, was a first hit in our face, after arriving there ...what to do? Never trust a cap in Australia .. if they realize, you have just arrived, ... it's your problem after!

After the really friendly employee of the hostel had forgotten our arrival, we finally ended up in our rooms - SUPER!!

Dubai - Sydney                        


AAAARIBAAAA - we made it !!!!!  Damned good seats ( emergency exit ) and lots of space for stretching the legs! Super for hanging up! Fantastis ffod, available entertainment for 3 days and even after 14 hours, endless miles , a lot of fun within the team.



Arrived at the airport and having passed several security checks, we were finally told, that the plan to Sydney is overbooked and we will have to fly next day ... super, ..what to do?

...... we found a way and spent a lovely day in Duabi's 'Wild Wadi' , an incredible water & entertainment park .... very special, like everything else in Dubai!

Frankfurt- Dubai                                            //


Accompanied by some friends and my brother Nico as a driver, we headed off to Frankfurt airport. Just entered the highway and immediate got stuck in traffic. The first challenge on my way to Australia? .... a little bit to early ... isn't it? Bene & Lenni already at the airport ... depating without me? ...NO,  ... we just made it and after a few minutes between tears and excitement of the upcoming months, we boarded and left the friends, the family and our well organized Germany back.

Frankfurt - Dubai .. 6000Km distance - 6 hours flight - lousy seats, freezing and lamb for the dinner ... this was not what we expected, but we made it! 1 day rest at my fathers flat in Duabi, swimming in 29th floor and enjoying the sun! ... it worked and as a surprise, we met wit Renke, who does a traing job on a big vessel, which anchored in a horbour close to Dubai ... a small world, we are living in!

Soon we went to bed, as our plane was scheduled to leave early next morning   ha, ha, ha ...